Latest Smart Home Devices that will make your life easier in 2020

WiFi and Bluetooth have been turned into things of extraordinary power thanks to the Internet of Things. This technology has made smart devices possible. And smart devices in turn have made home automation easily accessible.

Let’s find out about some of the latest smart home devices and how they can make your life easier in 2020.

Latest Smart Home Devices 2020

1. Smart Bulbs, Lamps, Downlights and LED Strip Lights

Smart Lightings are an exciting addition to the concept of smart homes, and probably the most popular ones. They are available in various forms and affordable prices thus making them some of the most sought after latest smart home devices of 2020.

Smart lights offer a wide choice of colours and intensity that can be changed from voice control, motion, or a simple touch on your phone.

You can buy a bulb, a downlight, a lamp or strip lights. But the options are not limited to these four, there are new products in the market everyday.

2. Smart Plugs, Smart Outlets and Smart Power Stirps

Convert your power outlets smart. For this, the latest smart home device options in the market include:

  • Smart Plugs
  • Smart Outlets
  • Smart Power Strips

Smart outlets require installation in some structural changes. On the other hand, smart plugs can simply be plugged into outlets to make them smart. Lastly, smart power strips are normal power extension boards that are smart.

Appliances connected to these smart outlets, plugs and power strips can be scheduled. In fact, they can also be controlled and monitored remotely.

3. Smart Home Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

Cameras are necessary for security. It is far more necessary to get 24*7 monitoring. But what if these cameras also allowed you to have a two-way talk?

Both indoor and outdoor smart cameras are becoming a popular smart device. Some cameras come with the two-way communication feature making them a perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor.

zunpulse smart camera
Smart Camera

4. Smart Video Doorbell

A smart video doorbell has everything you could want in a doorbell. It is easy to install, wireless, and has a two-way communication feature. This feature allows you to communicate with whoever is at the door without being physically present at your home! Interesting isn’t it?

5. Smart Cleaning Devices

Another latest smart home device of 2020 is the smart vacuum cleaner.

smart vacuum cleaner

These are quite popular with smart home owners thanks to the comfort they provide. Smart cleaning devices clean your home when you are away and you never have to worry about another speck of dust. Though costly, with time these are becoming more and more intelligent.

We would soon be coming up with a list of smart devices that make cooking easy and precise. Stay tuned!

Smart Bulb
Smart Downlight
Smart Camera
Smart Security
Smart Doorbell
Smart Door Lock

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