Smart Voice Assistants: Making Old Age Sweeter

Smart assistants are becoming more and more popular today. People of all age groups are increasingly adopting them. Not to mention, they are benefiting the senior citizens tremendously. Senior citizens are embracing smart voice assistants with an open heart. 

But what is drawing them towards these devices? 

Well, that’s what we are going to discuss here in this blog. 

smart voice assistants for old adults

Smart Voice Assistants for Old Adults 

A voice assistant is a smart assistant with a brain of its own. It takes command from its owners and performs all the basic tasks for them. Smart voice assistants are becoming very common among old adults. 

Here are some of the immediate reasons why smart assistants are a great company for our elders. 

Weather News 

Voice assistants are capable of giving weather updates. They can also resolve some specific weather-related queries. This feature is helpful for an elder with some chronic health problems. 

Finding Their Phone

Many elders often misplace their phones. A smart voice assistant can help them find it by making it ring. They can command it to dial their number and play the ringtone even if it’s on silent mode (sometimes).

Making an Appointment

Let’s face it, there are times when our elders forget to fix their doctor’s appointments. 

Smart voice assistants are best for that matter. They help them manage their calendar, set appointments and also remind them in case of delays. 

Setting Reminders 

Smart voice assistants help old adults to set reminders for any future event. It is one of the most brilliant features of these devices when it comes to their medication. They remind them when to take their medication. 

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