Smart Camera Features That Will Blow Your Mind

Smart cameras are one of the most efficient security devices today. They are rising in popularity which makes it very important for us to know about them. Well, this post is here to take you through five mind-blowing features of a smart camera. 

A smart camera is a smart surveillance device. It captures images and records videos. However, it has various other features too, which makes it smarter than ordinary cameras.

What are they? 

Features of a Smart Camera

A smart camera offers a wide range of features to its owners. However, some are more pertinent than others. 

Let’s take a look at them. 

Face Tagging

A smart camera is unique as it can recognize the faces of your visitors. It does it with the help of face tagging. You can upload the pictures of your family and friends through your smartphones and tag them as unsuspicious. In that manner, you can customize it for your loved ones and set alarms for strangers. 

GPS and Geofencing

You can operate a smart camera with the help of GPS and geofencing. Smart cameras can turn on/off automatically by detecting motion. This feature is excellent as it activates smart cameras immediately upon sensing any movement in the frame and alerts the user. You can pause them and record the footage. 

Two-way Communication

A smart camera usually comes with a speaker, which enables you to communicate with your visitors. This feature of two-way communication makes this device very advantageous. You can watch, talk and listen to the person at the front door from inside or when you are away with your smartphone.

High-definition Videos 

A smart camera is capable of recording high-definition videos. Ordinary surveillance cameras usually lag this feature. They record low-resolution videos, which is not the case with smart cameras. Smart cameras offer 720p to 1080p of videos. What can be more secure than having a camera recording high-definition videos? 

Cloud Storage 

With the feature of cloud storage, you don’t have to worry about the videos occupying your limited storage space. Smart cameras store videos on the cloud. They can simultaneously upload the videos to your cloud account. You can retrieve them anytime you want without worrying about losing them. 

All these features make a smart camera smart. We hope that now you know these features, you are ready to make an educated decision while buying smart cameras for your residence. 

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