Smart Devices Are Making Real Estate Developers Smarter

There was a time when real estate developers used modular kitchens, woodworking, and stunning ceiling designs to attract customers. But that time is long gone. It is now time for the latest technology to take over.

IoT, Internet of Things, is enabling Smart Spaces that are changing the way people live. But what is IoT? What are Smart Spaces? And how are smart devices empowering real estate developers?

What is IoT? What are Smart Spaces?

IoT i.e. Internet of Things is the concept that talks about extending the power of the internet beyond mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. Devices that are built on this concept are known as Smart Devices. And homes that are enabled with Smart Devices are known as Smart Spaces.

Real Estate Developers Smart Devices

Why should Real Estate Developers create Smart Spaces?

As cool as they sound, Iot powered Smart Devices are more useful in Real Estate than in any other sector. From the Real Estate Developer’s point of view, the sale value of the properties increases. Apart from that, the re-selling of a property becomes easier. All this is possible as Smart Spaces offer Real Estate Developers’ customers with these luring services:

  1. Better security even when not at home.
  2. Better and easier monitoring of the kids/pets when not at home.
  3. Huge savings on bills with usage reports’ guidance.
  4. Control of AC/Geyser and other electrical appliances remotely.
  5. Better reselling value as compared to homes with just modular kitchens.

Thanks to all these benefits, Real Estate Developers in India are opting for Smart Devices and getting benefitted even during the COVID-19 situation. Now that the benefits of the Smart Spaces are out there, let’s check out some of the devices and their functionality to get a better idea of how they promise a more comfortable and secure home.

Smartest Devices for Smartest Spaces

zunpulse is dedicated to upgrading India’s tryst with technology

Here are some of the coolest zunpulse Smart Devices that are changing the way people live:

  1. zunpulse Smart Lighting: A Smart Lighting can be controlled from anywhere in the world. All you need is the zunpulse mobile App that controls all the Smart Devices installed in your Smart Space. Using this app, you can control the intensity and colour of the lighting and also choose from pre-set moods like party, music, date and normal.

Check out this video for a better practical understanding of the product-

  1. zunpulse Smart Security System: Smart Security System consists of a door sensor that raises an alarm if someone tries to break in. It notifies the owner through instant push notifications on the zunpulse App. Apart from that, the system also consists of motion sensors that detect movement in open areas like balconies or verandas.
  1. zunpulse Smart Camera: The Smart Cameras by zunpulse offer live video feed on your smartphone. Not only this, you can also view old footage as the zunpulse Smart Camera comes with a 32 Gb storage.
  1. zunpulse Smart Doorbell: IoT-powered Smart Doorbell comes with a two-way communication option. So, even when you are not at home, you can see who is at the door and simply talk to them.

Check out this video for a better practical understanding of the product-

  1. zunpulse Smart Energy Monitor: This Smart Device makes your Smart Space’s energy savings efficient. It displays the usage of energy at various times of the day. Smart Energy Monitor has proven to be the most efficient when it comes to co-living spaces.
  1. zunpulse Smart Plug: Have a geyser/AC that is putting a load on your energy bills? Smart Plugs can help you monitor appliances through your phone. You can turn them on and off or even set a time schedule for them.

Check out this video for a better practical understanding of the product-

  1. zunpulse Smart AC/TV Remote: Want to make your old TV/AC smart? You don’t have to buy a new unit! zunpulse Smart Remote makes your old TV/AC into a Smart TV/AC!

Check out this video for a better practical understanding of the product-

Apart from these products, zunpulse is continuously involving IoT in building new Smart Devices that Real Estate Developers can use to enhance their sales.

The Internet of Things is growing the possibilities of future living with extended amounts of comfort and security. Smart Spaces are taking over the Indian real estate market and are already in growing demand in metropolitan areas. 

Is your life in sync with this technology of the future? Share with us in the comments below.

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