What will smart homes look like 10 years from now?

Have you ever wondered about walking up to a kitchen with a robot assistant waiting for you with a freshly cooked, hot, and delicious dinner after a tedious day at work? Or living in a home with intelligent lights which automatically turn on by merely sensing your presence? 

Well if you have never thought about it, you should! As all of this will be a reality, sooner or later. Your homes are going to be occupied with various smart devices in the future assisting you in your daily tasks and making your life easier. And that day is not far; it’s just a decade away.

The Impact of the Internet

Technological devices are no longer connected by wires in the 21st century. It is the Internet that connects them. You can connect your smart fitness band with your mobile phone via the internet— your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, and even your smartwatch— you can connect all of them together with the help of the internet.

woman adjusting smart watch after workout

Can you imagine how far we have from the wired landline telephones?

From wired to completely wireless devices— we have evolved technologically, exponentially. And what connects these devices together?— The internet. It is the central point that keeps all of our technologically advanced devices together and enables them to perform smartly. It is the IoT technology (the Internet of Things technology) that has made it possible.

Well, do you know what else is the internet capable of? It is capable of bringing your devices and home to life.

applications facebook twitter instagram on smartphone
we are in the age of the internet

We can take the example of smart speakers which show how far we have come. Just a simple voice command, and voila! we have turned on a light, or the fan, or scheduled the geyser to turn off after 10 minutes. (Alexa, please type the rest of the blog for me!)

From wired, to wireless, to voice-controlled devices, we have progressed so much! Our devices are developing and proceeding towards a more advanced version of themselves. And that version is a wireless,  independent, and self-automated version.

How will future of living look like?

In the future, 10 years or so down the lane, your wristwatch will sense and analyze your consumption habits and provide you with your health report as per your requirement. Your personal bot assistant will assist other smart devices and will keep a tab of your needs altogether, without any direct command. Your self assisting devices will take care of you, your home, and the list of daily tasks to keep your home looking like a stunning work of modern art.

modern living room dining with windows
a stunning work of modern art

That’s how your homes are going to look ten years from now- completely controlled and managed by smart devices. Not only this, they will sense your gestures and anticipate. 10 years down the lane, your home will have a voice, a personality, a brain of its own, and it will be thinking to make your life more comfortable and secure!

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