Smart Gadgets in Pandemic (Part-2)

Let’s continue with the role of smart gadgets in the Pandemic. In Part-1, we focussed on some of the prime features of smart devices. Now in Part-2, let’s look at some of the smart gadgets available in the market and their features:

Smart Doorbell:

With a smart doorbell, you can check who is at the door without even going there. With an attached camera and microphone, you can have two-way communication with the person standing there. For infected people, it adds a lot of value in carrying out daily things and a security point of view and stopping the possible spread of viruses through communication.

Smart Lights:

Smart lighting is more than just being able to turn your lights on and off remotely. It enables you to control lighting levels allowing you to change a bulb’s brightness to suit your needs and the time of day. Operating all the lights at home from your phone, anytime and from anywhere, adds a lot of conveniences. 

Since lights are often used everywhere, like at home, hospitals, and public places, etc., the feature of operating them in a touchless manner minimizes the spread of the virus from the surface.

Smart Camera:

A smart camera can be visualized as a CCTV equipped with IoT connectivity and two-way communication. Being able to manage your home’s security from your phone from anywhere with real-time monitoring puts smart cameras miles ahead of their competitors. It adds valuable points to your and your family’s security. 

Nowadays, apart from security purposes, smart cameras are being used for keeping an eye on children, especially babysitting, older people in the home, etc.

Health Tracking devices:

For those taking bed rest at home or home-quarantined, it might be crucial to keep track of some vital body parameters like heartbeat rate, oxygen level, etc. Currently, many options are available, like smart health bands, to monitor such crucial parameters. They are generally paired with a phone, and in critical situations, they can automatically call for medical help by notifying the relevant person or calling an emergency number.

To conclude, there’s no question that smart home devices have made life a bit easier for their users. To have more information about these products, you can check out our other blogs or visit

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