Smart Plugs: Automating your Home With Ease

Switches and plugs are straightforward to understand, function, and are an essential part of an electrical circuit. Advancement in technology brings changes in every field and related things, and switches are also no exception. Now, the regular switches and sockets are getting replaced by smart switches and smart plugs. 

For automation of your home, smart switches have to be a part of them. This is because it adds a lot of convenience to your daily life. Nowadays, due to Covid-19, going touchless is holding demand; a smart switch can assist you there! However, when you start shifting from regular switches with smart switches, you will realize the first step, i.e., replacing switches from their sockets, is a pretty cumbersome process. 

Tackling this issue and avail you with the same features, zunpulse has brought the solution with its product ‘Smart Plugs.’ You are no longer required to replace the existing switch to enjoy the innovative features. Instead, you need to insert this plug into the regular switch, and you just skipped the first step. Then configure it and start experiencing the intelligent features. Let’s have a closer look at its features:

Easy installation:

As mentioned above, you have to plug the smart plug & configure it with your Smartphone, and you are done!

Manage it from your Smartphone:

You can manage all the operations of gadgets connected to a smart plug through your Smartphone. For example, you can turn on/ off, set a routine, automate the turn on/ off, set a timer, etc., with your Smartphone. You can also connect your Alexa or Google smart home assistance with it. Amazing, isn’t it!

Global Remote Access:

This feature makes this product extra-special. Since you will be able to operate the smart plug from literally anywhere in the world, provided you have a good internet connection. IoT connectivity lets devices share the local data with your phone through cloud storage which adds a lot to your convenience.

Some day to day applications of the Smart Plug:

  • Scheduling your turn on/ off time for guizer 
  • Scheduling dim lights and turning off lights when you go to sleep. 
  • Setting timer for an oven or for watching TV
  • Prepared turn off of your AC an hour before you wake up.
  • Turning on your coffee machine at 8:00 in the morning
  • Switching on the AC when you are about to arrive at home from the office

Well, these are some of the special features and applications of a smart plug. To know more about it, as well as similar products, visit If you want to know more about smart plugs, then check out our guide to smart plugs. Check out the smart plug by zunpulse and buy the smart plug online.

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