Automating your Home with, Smart AC Remote

If you have an AC in your home, you must be familiar with the issues you face with its remote. For example, you may not find it whenever needed, the range issue, handling multiple ACs with a single remote, and the most horrible is, forget to switch off before leaving, etc. Considering all these issues, the innovators added extra features to a similar device and carried out the regular tasks, i.e., Smart AC Remote.

Smart AC remote is crafted with the best design and revolutionary new technology by the engineers at zunpulse. Equipping it with IoT connectivity puts it one step ahead of its competitors. Unlike regular AC remote, it has many additional features; let’s have a closer look at them:

Easy installation:

Installation of the AC remote is pretty simple, you have to connect it to the power source and connect your AC to it through your phone, and you are done! Have a look at this video for more details.

Manage it from your Smartphone:

You can manage all the operations of AC through your Smartphone. For example, you can turn on/ off, set a routine, automate the turn on/ off, set a timer, etc., with your Smartphone. You can also connect your Alexa or Google smart home assistance with it. Amazing, isn’t it!

Global Remote Access:

This feature makes this product extra-special since you will be able to operate the smart remote from literally anywhere in the world, provided you have a good internet connection. In addition, IoT connectivity lets devices share the local data with your phone through cloud storage which adds a lot to your convenience.

Some day to day applications could be:

  • Turning on/ off the AC from anywhere
  • Turning off the AC an hour before you wake-up
  • Turning on your AC just before you reach home 
  • Scheduling your turn on/ off time of AC
  • Setting timer for your AC

Apart from these features, the remote has temperature sensors fitted into it. It detects the temperature and other parameters like humidity in the room and automatically adjusts AC temperature to attain the desired environment. You can also securely share the access of the remote with your family members. One more fantastic feature is, you can connect and operate as many ACs as you can through this remote with the help of your phone.
Well, these are some of the features of a smart AC remote. To know more about it, as well as similar products, visit

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