Smart Bulb, the Easy Way to Automate your Home

With evolving technology impacting every aspect of our life, there is no exception where it hasn’t reached and brought new changes. Similar goes with our traditional lightings. Illuminating the room/ area is the essential purpose of any lighting system. The conventional way stops at just turning it on/off using a switch and adds nothing further. 

The new lighting system comes with many remarkable features that are way ahead of traditional lights in comfort and convenience. zunpulse also offers a Smart Bulb with so many amazing features. Let’s have a closer view of those features:

Easy installation:

First of all, for smart bulbs, you don’t need any additional setup and use the existing bulb sockets in your home. It’s a pretty simple process to install it. You have to fit the bulb in its socket and connect it to the zunpulse app on your Smartphone. That’s it!

Manage it from your Smartphone:

Notable isn’t it! You can manage all the operations of a smart bulb through your Smartphone. For example, you can turn on/ off, set a routine, set a timer, etc., with your Smartphone. You can also connect your Alexa or Google smart home assistance with it.

Global Remote Access:

This feature makes this product extra-special. Since you will be able to operate the smart bulb from literally anywhere in the world, provided you have a good internet connection. IoT connectivity lets devices share the local data with your phone through cloud storage which adds a lot to your convenience.

Apart from these, the smart bulb can glow in 16 Million color shades. It also comes with an option to control its brightness. Its eight preset modes and three different lighting modes enhance the customer experience. With these many options available, the smart bulb is suited for any occasion like movie night, pre-sleep time, party, etc. 

While decorating the home, depending on our needs, we prefer different light themes for different rooms. Like, a living room will need bright and somewhat formal lighting, a gaming room is suited with sporty lighting, a bedroom might need dimly themed lighting, etc. As the smart bulb can avail different themes as per need, most people are being opted by most people and becoming very popular in the market.

Check out for more details about the smart bulb along with a wide range of other smart home automation devices.

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