Smart Camera, The Best Option for Home Security

Smart camera is extensively being used for security purposes, thanks to its special features, enhancing the sense of security. Nowadays, their use is not just limited to security purposes but also many other things. E.g., for parents who have a job to do and leave their children for babysitting, having a camera in your home always assures parents’ hearts. There are many such applications along with security reasons.

Now with evolving technology, CCTVs are getting equipped with many additional features. So it has been enhancing the user experience with it. Zunpulse’s Smart camera is not an exception. To cater to customers’ needs, zunpulse has been manufacturing its smart cameras for more than two years. The added IoT connectivity is putting its products way ahead of its competitors. So, let’s have a closer look at its amazing features.

Easy installation:

Installing a new security system like a CCTV camera can be a cumbersome process. But for zunpulse’s smart camera, you have to fix it at the desired location, provide it with the electricity supply and configure it with your Smartphone; that’s it!

Camera Quality:

The camera has a 720p resolution, which also provides a wide field of view. One more important feature that the device has is night vision, allowing you to get clear video in the dark. Notable, isn’t it?

Two-Way Communication:

It’s a pretty unique feature for cameras. Through your smart camera and phone, you can have a conversation with the person standing in front of the camera. It’s just like having a video call with him/ her.

Manage everything from your Smartphone:

Many similar products will ask you to buy and install a new screen and extra data storage facilities, making the entire thing costlier and introducing a minor inconvenience as you can’t move the screen from its place. But if we look at the zunpulse’s smart camera, its app on your Smartphone is more than enough to carry out all these things. You can also securely share the camera access with your other devices and family members. 

Global Remote Access:

This feature makes this product extra-special since you will be able to take care of your home and family from literally anywhere in the world, provided you have a good internet connection. Furthermore, the IoT connectivity lets devices share the local data with your phone through cloud storage which adds a lot to your convenience and security. 

These are a few notable features of zunpulse’s smart camera. Apart from these, it comes with a 128 GB micro sd card to store the footage locally. Moreover, the smart camera is compatible with android and iOS both. It also has a weather-resistant outer body to save it from harsh climate, which increases its durability. With all these features, real-time monitoring with playback has become more accessible for the customers!

Well, these are some of the features of a smart camera. To know more about it, as well as similar products, visit

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