Smart Lights for Home Decorations

Agreeing on how the lighting theme and system in your home affects your psychology and behavior, many people have started giving thought to switching to smart lights. Just one example could be, after getting to know that experiencing dim lights before sleeping induces sound sleep, people started buying bulbs whose brightness can be changed. There are many such applications.

Currently, depending on our needs, we might need different themes for different rooms. Like, a living room will need bright and somewhat formal lighting, a gaming room is suited with sporty lighting, a bedroom might need dimly themed lighting, etc. Also, depending on the occasion, we might need to alter the theme, for which we might have to install multi-purpose lighting systems at the first step itself. 

So, in a nutshell, depending on the room’s purpose, we can opt for different lighting products available in the market. So, let’s have a quick look over how we can decorate the room with varying types of lighting products:

Neon Lights:

If you want to write or symbolize something, then neon lights look good. These are generally suited for gaming rooms. They are pretty expensive though. Connecting them to IoT allows you to operate them efficiently with your mobile itself. 


These are cheap, aesthetically pleasing, and very popular as well. You can use these strips in the living room, bedroom for lighting at night, gaming room, etc. To make the electronics like TV, PCs more aesthetic, generally, they are glued in the backside. We can do a lot of things with light strips to decorate the home.

Light Tiles:

These are aesthetically pleasing and well suited for bedroom, bathroom, and gaming rooms where we can adjust the brightness and choose the color shades while installing. They are pretty expensive, but they add value to money and your efforts to decorate the room. 

Smart Bulbs:

Nowadays, smart bulbs are getting more and more popular. These are not too expensive and come with many features. It can be operated using your smartphone and enabled with the voice-controlled operation. A fascinating part is, it can give 16 Million color shades and different levels of brightness. Connecting with IoT adds many features to them. Also, it doesn’t require any extra effort while installing since you have to replace the current ordinary bulb with a smart bulb in the socket. Looking at its features, it is well suited for all the rooms in your home.

zunpulse offers a wide range of smart lights like smart bulbs, striplights, downlights, etc. Besides, they also offer home automation devices that are easy to install and use. You may check them out here.

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