Bluetooth or IR Remote which one is better?

Bluetooth or IR Remote? Choosing one out of the two can be a challenging task. Read this article to find out which one is better.

From the beginning of 19th technology, people started showing massive interest in filming technology. Then television sets came, then the wire remote, then IR remote. Finally, in the 1960s, IR Remote entered the market, and it is still considered a promising technology for its purpose. Remotes are not limited to operating the Television sets, but they are also being used to manage similar devices like radio, doors & gates, audio systems, toys, etc. 

But nowadays, BlueTooth connectivity has been submitted to remotes. This connectivity solution has resolved a few issues and added a few more features, but I.R. remote still prevails in few terms. As a consumer, it seems a little confusing to choose any one of the options. So, let’s look at a few points which might help you to compare and find the best option for you:

Way of transmitting data:

Whether Bluetooth or IR remote, both use waves to convey signals to the TV set. I.R. remote uses relatively high-powered I.R. waves, and Bluetooth uses low-powered radio waves. So if compared, I.R. remotes consume a little more energy than Bluetooth, but on an absolute scale, it’s too little, so it doesn’t matter. 

Transmission Speed:

I.R. has the max data transmission speed of 16Mbps, and Bluetooth offers about 3 Mbps. Depending on the operation and the device to be operated, you should select a suitable option.


I.R. has a range of 5m, whereas Bluetooth has the typical range of 10m, extending to 250m (Maximum). Depending on the device, we should choose the appropriate option. E.g. (considering only ‘range’) For a typical T.V. set, an I.R. remote would be enough, but for toys like remote-controlled airplanes, there is no other option for Bluetooth, a.k.a. Radio Frequency remote  

Device location:

A direct line of sight is needed for operating a device with an I.R. remote, but it’s not essential in the case of Bluetooth. Also, Bluetooth remotes can penetrate through the walls, but it’s not possible in the case of the I.R. remote. This factor affects the ease of using a device through remote control.


I.R. usually connects on a ‘one-to-one basis, whereas Bluetooth-enabled devices can connect with multiple devices simultaneously.


An I.R. remote is very cheap as compared to a Bluetooth remote. You might buy an I.R. remote for Rs. 50-100 (for a typical television), but the price of Bluetooth remote starts from Rs. 300

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