Are you a ‘Tech-savvy’ consumer?

With changing times and advancing technology, the market is also evolving. The consumer, the fundamental part of the market, is changing, redefining many fields, and demanding more refined and structured products and advertising.

Today’s consumers are different from previous generations. They’re tech-savvy and expect retailers to deliver an engaging customer experience both online and in-store, or they’ll shop elsewhere. Even the businesses that can harness consumer sentiment and act on those insights are the ones that will be the most successful.

So, what exactly does it take to consider yourself as a ‘Tech-savvy’ consumer? Well, there is no standard definition or badge for being tech-savvy. Your purchasing habits decide whether you are tech-savvy or not. There are some observable patterns or norms which might help you to judge whether someone is tech-savvy or not.

Involvement with Latest Gadgets and expect product details, peer reviews, and competitor pricing.

With easy access to researching and information, buying a product should be easy. Consumers expect product details, peer review, and competitor pricing to be available online and in retail stores to assist them in making an educated shopping decision. A new study from BIA/Kelsey and ConStat confer 97% of all consumers use some form of online media to research products, with an average of 8 different sources of information for local shopping.

Keen for assurance over modern problems like cyber-attacks, privacy issues, etc

As said, ‘information is money; consumers are also worried about issues related to privacy. While buying the product, they check for assurance over problems like cyber-attacks, privacy issues, etc.

Gets engaged in Techie Promotions

Consumers spend more time on advertisements, which lets them get involved and use technical stuff reasonably. For example, many supermarkets are installing touch screen displays to make purchasing more interactive; through this change, Adidas saw sales increase more than 40% in every store outfitted with a virtual display

Importance to Aesthetics along with Technical specification 

A product’s appearance can have aesthetic and symbolic value for consumers, communicate functional characteristics, give a quality impression, and communicate the ease of use.

Search for personalized content 

Buying a customizable product as per our needs and habits is one of the main factors for being a tech-savvy consumer. 

So, do you consider yourself a ‘Tech-savvy’ consumer?

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