Street Lights with Solar Powered Smart Lights

In today’s world, cities are responsible for the rapid civilization of humankind. Having all necessities simultaneously makes a living more accessible, which adds ease and convenience to life. Considering the growth of the world in terms of business and industrial sector, the existence of cities is a vital thing. Many infrastructures are essential for the smooth functioning of a city’s features—for example, roads, rails, water connections, and street lights. Street lighting provides many essential benefits. It promotes security in urban areas and increases the quality of life by artificially extending the hours. Street lighting also improves safety for drivers, riders, and pedestrians. 

If we consider the case of medium-sized cities, there will be several thousands of street lights. The number might vary as per city and population. In a conventional street lighting system, the electric poles are fitted with traditional high energy-consuming bulbs and connected to the main power supply. They are operated manually by line-man, following a particular schedule. Although this system fulfills the basic need of providing light, there are many chances of errors that might cause inconvenience to people. It might happen that the timings are not being followed correctly or the operator left the lights on in a particular area for the entire day etc. It causes a lot of inconvenience to people and wastes energy as well. If we talk about the installation cost, it would include the basic infrastructure, a light bulb, and hard-wirings to connect to the main power supply. And also, there are chances of damaging the bulbs by overheating and voltage spikes. And the maintenance cost is also never-ending stuff here. 

Instead, if we shift to solar-powered street lights, we won’t be needing manual operation. The lights can get switched on & off as per the scheduled routine, or if light sensors are also fitted in it, it can turn on/off as per the surrounding light conditions. Also, the risk of overheating and accidents are minimized. Solar-powered smart lights will be an eco-friendly option and help in reducing carbon footprint. Apart from this, they don’t even require external wiring as they have the stand-alone feature. This feature saves a lot of money when it comes to cost factors.

So, considering these many influencing factors, authorities are shifting to Solar Powered Smart lights at a slow but steady pace. 

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