Smart Lighting: Advantages and Disadvantages

With evolving technology impacting every aspect of our life, there is no limit to where it has reached and brought new changes. Similar goes with our traditional lightings. Illuminating the room/ area is the essential purpose of any lighting system. The conventional way stops at just turning it on/off using a switch and adds nothing further. But if we see the smart lighting systems, they come with many remarkable features that are way ahead of traditional lights in terms of comfort and convenience

Some Advantages of Smart Lighting:

Saves energy through its intelligent operating features

Smart bulbs come with many advanced features. They have motion sensors in them, which allow the device to turn on by itself only when someone is present in the room, and it automatically turns off on its own when nobody is present. We can also operate them as per the schedule we desire. Like, bulbs will be turned on automatically in the evening, they will shift to dim mode before sleeping, turn off at night, etc. Such intelligent operations save energy in the long run and so make money. 

Voice-activated and remote/ mobile controlled operation

For physically disabled people, these features turn out great in assisting. Also, in places like hospitals where a touchless experience will help improve germs’ spread, these devices can play an important role. 

Most of the smart bulbs in the market offer 16 million shades of light

Depending upon the need and occasion, we can change colors per our wish among such a wide variety available. 

There are Some Disadvantages Too

High cost as compared to a traditional lighting system

If we look at the conventional bulbs, they need the material required for lighting up the room. But for intelligent light, to provide advanced features, it is equipped with many sensors, additional electronic components, communicational circuits, etc., which elevates its cost.

The threat of getting hacked 

Since many electronic components and data transfer over WiFi, Bluetooth, etc., is involved, there is a risk of getting hacked. 

In some cases, the existing mobile/ operating system might not be compatible.

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