IoT Technology Is Drastically Changing The Way Hospitals Deliver Healthcare

That’s going to be the story for the next year or so: [digital health] moving from a curiosity, to a research tool, to an actual mainstream, accepted clinical tool. I think it’s very exciting.

Corey Bridges, CEO, LifeMap Solutions

Healthcare has always been on the front lines of utilising new technology to make day-to-day things easier and more efficient. Ever since the introduction to the concept of Internet of Things and smart devices, IoT, Hospitals are becoming smarter and healthcare is becoming astute. More importantly, it is becoming contactless.

If that is not enough, you can save on electricity bills with the help of smart energy monitoring systems. IoT powered Smart Devices are inculcating their way into the daily lives of hospital staff and patients.

What is IoT you ask? It is pure wonder!

How important and relevant is IoT to you? This might give you an idea: Business Insider Intelligence predicted that 24 billion IoT devices will be installed in 2020.

What is IoT?

IoT i.e. Internet of Things is the concept that talks about extending the power of the internet beyond mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. Devices that are built on this concept are known as Smart Devices. A common example of such a device would be a thermostat used to control the temperature of the AC unit usually in hospitals and hotels.

Internet of Healthcare Things

There are new technological developments everyday. Everyday, there are new out-of-the-box ideas for yet another Smart Device that is meant to make life more accessible to the human race. These ideas have been a blessing for the healthcare industry all over the globe. Especially with the ongoing pandemic, COVID-19, when social distancing has become the need of the hour. Smart Devices in hospitals help in achieving that.

The coming years have booked the front seat in a revolution that is set to change the course of healthcare in India and the world.

Let’s get a glimpse of how IoT powered Smart Devices are changing the way healthcare works in hospitals—

Remote Patient Monitoring

The modern developments in IoT enable hospitals to track patient data from anywhere in the world. In fact, under the COVID-19 situation, this is a blessing. In India, we are yet to reach the maximum available possibilities of existing Smart Devices. Hospitals are in the process of understanding the usage and benefits of these Smart Devices in remote patient monitoring.

Contactless Processes

With the help of zunpulse Smart Cameras, hospital staff and patient’s family members can access the patient 24*7. Not only this, but with the help of zunpulse Smart Devices patients and hospital staff can completely cut out the need for touching switchboards. Some of these devices include Smart Bulbs (the light’s intensity and colour can be controlled by your phone), and AC/TV remote (both the devices can be controlled through your smartphone irrespective of their model).

Whether you are a patient, a patient’s relative or a hospital staff, you can easily imagine how these three devices can make a huge difference in your hospital. But zunpulse offers a lot more than these three devices.

Promoting Social Distancing

It is interesting how doctors, nurses and even family members can monitor the patient from a distance and at all times. Such a scenario promotes social-distancing especially in diseases that can spread through air or by touch. 

On the other hand, the grieved family members who are unable to communicate with the patient due to strict hospital policies, do not need to worry. In regards to this, a recent tweet brought tears to many eyes.

Recently, under COVID-19 conditions, Lok Nayak Hospital’s help desk allowed some of the visitors to talk to family members by means of video call. A Pulitzer Prize winner, Danish Siddiqui, shared the emotional scene on Twitter. The tears that went down the visitors’ cheeks were priceless.

In such a situation, Smart Cameras could have made a 24*7 live footage available to the family members at bare minimum charges. Not only this, a Smart Doorbell could have also allowed a two-way communication with family members who have been away from each other for a long time due to the ongoing pandemic.

zunpulse smart camera
zunpulse Smart Camera

Beyond Cameras And Doorbells

zunpulse is continuously curating more Smart Devices to change the course of healthcare in India. The Smart Cameras and Smart Doorbells are just the tip of the iceberg. The latest IoT devices in hospitals can give a live feed of patient data to doctors and nurses so that they can keep a check.

Examples of such devices include CGM and Insulin Pens. CGM is a continuous glucose monitoring device. On the other hand, Insulin Pens record the time, amount and type of insulin injected in one dose of a diabetic patient. Not only this, it also recommends the correct usage and dosage. Smart Devices are also easing out monitoring of cancer patients. These patients do not have to travel all the way to the hospital every week for a regular checkup.

IoT powered Smart Devices have limitless possibilities in healthcare, don’t you agree? Is your hospital IoT enabled? Reach out to for shaking hands with the future of healthcare in India.

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