High-tech gifts to make your friends and family feel like Jetsons

Remember when we used to wonder whether to gift a vase, a bedsheet, some photo frames, chocolates, board games and when the budget was tight on your little hands, a greeting card. Then came the era of gifting personalised gifts to make the person feel special. Now when the homes are filled with these personalised gifts, what shall we look forward to?


Technology never runs out of new and unique gifts for your loved ones. But in 2021, what gift options do you have in technology? 

Home automation devices.

Powered by the Internet of Things, IoT, home automation devices are the latest growing lifestyle trend. Together, these devices constitute the future of living. They are a good investment and an even better gift for your near and dear ones. zunpulse offers a wide range of these smart devices. Here are a few smart devices that can prove to be the high-tech gifts to make your friends and family feel like the Jetsons!

Smart Lighting

‘Pocket friendly’ and ‘exciting’ are the two adjectives that can be used to describe smart lights as gifts. They are the perfect high tech gift to make your friends and family feel like the Jetsons. You can control the colour, brightness, temperature and much more from your phone. All you need in a strong WiFi connection. In the latest upgrade of zunpulse, you can even use these lights with voice control! The zunpulse smart lights are compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

Smart Control

Ever imagined if you could turn on the geyser without getting up from the bed? Or maybe turn the AC on or off without disrupting your lazy Sunday? Now, you can. With the zunpulse smart plug, you can use your phone (or the latest voice control feature) to control any of your appliances. 

Coffee in bed? Check!

Smart Remotes

zunpulse smart remotes give you access to making regular TVs and ACs smart. This gift can help your friends and family get a real taste of technology. They can easily access their AC or TV remotes from their smartphones. 

Check out the smart AC remote here and the smart TV remote here.

Smart Security

Classic doorbells and CCTV cameras have got a smart technology twist. They are now WiFi enabled. And can be monitored even when you are not at home. They are a good investment option when you are looking for housewarming gifts for your close relatives. Rich in technology, the smart doorbell and the smart camera, both, have the two-way communication feature.

Check out the smart doorbell here and the smart camera here.

We hope you liked the gifting ideas. What are you planning to give at the next house warming or birthday party? Share your views with us. 

Smart Bulb
Smart Downlight
Smart Camera
Smart Security
Smart Doorbell
Smart Door Lock
Smart AC Remote
Smart TV Remote
Smart Energy Monitor
Smart Striplight
Smart Plug

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