What is a smart home?

Smart homes are gaining exponential popularity as the future way of living. Home automation is the next big thing. But for those who are new to the concept of home automation and haven’t yet heard the names IoT and smart device, here is what it is all about.

IoT and Home Automation

Internet of Things is a technology that lets ‘things’ communicate with each other without the interference of a human or a computer. These ‘things’ may include electrical and electronic devices that we use in our day to day lives. Thanks to IoT, we are quickly achieving the home automation of our dreams. In fact, we are already so successful that in today’s time you can turn the lights on or off with voice commands. Isn’t that exciting?

With the help of IoT technology, mankind created smart devices that can be easily installed in homes. These smart devices are Wi-Fi enabled devices such as your doorbell, your security camera, your AC unit, your TV unit, your lights, etc.

What is a smart home?

A home that consists of smart devices or a wired home automation system is a smart home. The main features of a smart home are:

1. Remote Access

Home automation is all about the ease of controlling appliances at your home. But that is not all. Among other features, a smart home should also have remote access. In a scenario when you have a sudden change of plans while coming home from office, you should be able to turn off the scheduled AC or geyser accordingly.

Some manufacturers charge you for this service. But as this feature is an integral part of a smart home, it should not be chargeable.

2. Energy Management

A good home automation system not only helps you upgrade your life, but it also guides you in monitoring your energy bills. Remote access to a smart home helps you to switch off appliances that you might have forgotten to turn off. In fact, there are energy monitoring systems that give you access to real time electricity consumption data.

3. Expandable

Apart from remote access and energy management, a home automation system must be expandable. You should easily be able to add new and upcoming devices to your abode. It should not be a tedious task to add a new technology to your life. So, your current smart home devices should be welcoming to new devices.

4. Easy Installation

It is probably one the most basic among home automation system features. Some heavy smart technologies require structural changes. But not every addition that you make to your home should require structural changes. You should really be able to enjoy the ease of going wireless.

5. Makes your life easier

If your smart home is not making life easier for  you, you need to reconsider your choices of the smart devices in your abode. While smart devices make you look cool, they should also bring comfort to your life.

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