COVID Side Effects: Workout your mental health

World Mental Health Day is just round the corner and it is that time of the year when everyone talks about mental health. People urge everyone to come forward and talk. It is necessary to do so too. It is indeed necessary to have a day dedicated to something that we all forget.

According to WHO, a person dies because of suicide every 40 seconds. These statistics do not look good. But it seems they have worsened in 2020. COVID has not just taken people ill, it has also taken away mental peace. Its fear has been far more haunting for everyone. To summarise, there are more deaths because of COVID than the recorded ones.

Workout on your mental health

2020 has been the year that really requires its World Mental Health Day. It is time we all work on our mental health after the aftereffects of COVID. Have you talked to someone about your problems or challenges lately? Here are a few things everyone should do, especially under the COVID conditions.

  1. Talk to your friends or family or someone you feel comfortable talking to, about your problems.
  2. Alot time to relax your mind. Paint a picture, pen down a poem, read a novel, try a craft project.
  3. Exercise to keep good physical health. This in turn improves your mental health.
  4. You can also try meditation and yoga to relax your mind. It is equally important to do mind exercises.
  5. Take time to laugh out loud. Hang out with a friend or check out comedy videos online.
  6. If you do not feel like talking to anyone, let your feelings out on a paper.
  7. Try cooking new recipes.
  8. Smile. Smiling is the best cure for stress.
  9. Be thankful. You can try writing thankful notes to people in your life. Let someone know why you appreciate them and make their day along with yours.
  10. Walk with nature. Take time to take a walk surrounded by nature.

Explore yourself and give time and space to heal. Never give up.

woman meditating doing yoga
Yoga brings peace, so do we | zunpulse

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