Smart Warehouses: IoT in Warehouse Management

Smart home devices are gaining popularity on e-commerce platforms. The sales are rising, and so is the market for smart devices. But that is not the only sales which are rising for e-commerce websites.

The rising sales for e-commerce platforms are demanding smart warehouses. As retailers are expanding, keeping track of the huge inventories at warehouses is becoming a heavy task. On a daily basis the packages in inventory are over a million. According to an Indian Online Seller report, Flipkart, a leading e-commerce platform in India, delivers 5,00,000 packages a day. Amazon India and Snapdeal, the two other big names in e-commerce in India do not fall too behind in numbers either.

Managing such a heavy traffic of inventory, which is still increasing, can be a daunting task. IoT is here to make things simpler. Global scale e-commerce platforms are turning to make the most of this latest technology to manage their inventories. Some of the solutions that are employed in smart warehouses are:

  • Warehouse Management Systems to keep track of all packages, their location and status.
  • Drones to scan items without the need of walking large distances or using ladders.
  • Automated guided vehicles that can calculate the shortest routes to an aisle in a warehouse.

How is IoT making Warehouses Smart?

IoT technology is a bridge between warehouses’ problems and their solutions. These solutions can help in faster and more accurate deliveries. What are the other differentiators of a smart warehouse over a normal one? Here are some:

  1. Cheaper delivery
  2. Faster delivery
  3. Improve management of the packages
  4. Prevents damage of packages
  5. Improves efficiency

In the age of technology, things are getting simpler, and more efficient. Not just smart warehouses, IoT is automating tasks in various areas of life and making lives more comfortable and more accessible.

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