Smart Home: India’s booming market

Smart home has become a popular term with the growing market in India. What does a smart home feel like?

What does a smart home feel like?

Bathing is one of the things that we do daily. For this, we touch the geyser switch at least twice daily. Once to switch it on and again to switch it off. This was Priya’s schedule before she installed a smart plug. Now, she has scheduled her geyser to turn on at 7am from Monday to Friday and 8 am on Saturdays and Sundays. She has also scheduled the geyser to turn off after 30 mins everyday. 

Apart from this, Priya has also programmed the electric kettle to boil water at 6:30 am. So, after her intense workout, Priya gets ready to drink warm water. She lives in Delhi NCR region and has a smart life.

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smart plug

Extremely proud of her new smart plug, Priya also got home smart AC and TV remotes. She saved a month’s salary each from buying a new smart AC and smart TV. Now with the smart remotes, she can control her AC and TV unit from her phone. 15 mins before she gets home from the office, Priya turns on the AC unit and enters a pre cooled room. 

India and IoT

Across India, households are now switching to the future of living. They are automating their daily tasks and saving time while gaining peace of mind. A smart home is based on the concept of IoT, the internet of things. This means that the devices can communicate with each other with the help of the internet. For this, smart devices are installed throughout the house. These are connected with the Wi-Fi and thus controlling them is quite convenient.

Not only this, these smart devices are being developed to capture and analyse data. A good example of this are smart temperature controllers, i.e. thermostats. Smart thermostats sense the temperature of the room and change the temperature accordingly. They also analyse from the past data of the owner’s usage of the thermostat. This technology is making lives comfortable. In India, though, it is still in its infant stage. 

Smart Security

Impressed with the smart plug and the universal remotes, Priya is now planning to invest in the smart camera and the smart doorbell. These smart devices offer real-time monitoring of your house. So, even when you are not at home, you can answer the doorbell or have a sneak peek of the house. Both these devices come with a two-way communication feature, making them extremely handy and useful. 

Security is one of the concerns in the area she lives. But now, she will always have an eye on her house.

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