IoT in Education And The Changing Face of Schools

IoT, the internet of things, has enabled smoother lives. But with that, IoT has also enabled more accessible education. 

With COVID, all the children are not able to go to school. Even when they were, parents were not very satisfied with the system of education and the way of its deliverance. Kids feel

  • Bored,
  • Stressed, and
  • Uninterested

in classes.

When neither the children, nor the parents are happy, how can an education system be modified to change that? Apart from changing the curriculum, and training teachers periodically, a school can work on high classroom engagement. This is where IoT comes into play in changing the face of education. 

Smart Boards

What are smart boards? They are interactive white boards that project subject images. Thanks to this feature, teachers and students can interact with it. We have come a far way from blackboards. With smart boards, learning can be more interactive and fun.

Adjusting Disability

There was a time when it was very difficult for disabled students to get access to learning. But with the advent of IoT in education, things are changing for them. For example, for students with difficulty in hearing, IoT offers a system connected to gloves to generate a verbal speech translated from sign language. Such an opportunity would be a door to channel a child’s passion for learning.

Keeping an eye

IoT devices are a great help when it comes to storing data and analysing it for better educational methods. One such data collection is that of students’ attendance. It is necessary for a child to be present and most schools have a bar of minimum required attendance. With IoT in schools, students’ attendance is digitally recorded. In case the student is not in the institution, a message is sent out to the guardians. This ensures better punctuality.

IoT has major scope in many areas of our lives as it is not just limited to smart living or smart education. Can you think of hurdles in the education system that this technology can solve? Share with us in the comments below.

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