Best Electric Kettles in India: Price and Specifications

When it comes to cooking for themselves, most bachelors depend heavily on the beloved electric kettle. Whether it be a late-night craving for instant noodles or regular tea and coffee time, an electric kettle comes in handy even in the most dire situations. In fact, most bachelors consider it an indispensable part of their daily life. If you are a bachelor living alone, then we recommend you try using an electric kettle. But don’t worry about what to buy and where because in this article we will discuss the features, specifications and price of the best electric kettles in India. 

Best Electric Kettle Features

There are a lot of options available in the market when it comes to electric kettles. The basis on the size and power consumption there are many different types of electric kettles available. However, to be on the best electric kettles list, the following features are a must-have. 

360-Degree Rotational Base: One of the most important features of an electric kettle is the 360-degree rotational base. It gives the user the freedom to adjust the kettle in small spaces and at angles that allow users to handle the electric kettle easily while keeping an eye on other things as well. This is a must-have feature in an electric kettle if it has to be featured on the list of best electric kettles. 

High-Efficiency Auto Cut: Auto cut-off is a crucial feature in an electric kettle. It allows you to pay attention to other stuff while your kettle steams away. As soon as a set temperature is reached, the power button automatically shuts off. It prevents food spillage, and overheating of the food and also reduces the chance of electric shock in case the appliance is left unattended. 

Temperature Controls: Temperature control is a game-changing feature in electric kettles. Most beginners find cooking in an electric kettle really difficult due to the quickly rising temperature. As a result, more often than not, they end up burning the ingredients. With temperature control, it becomes easy to cook advanced dishes as it gives you a varied range of temperatures. 

Stainless Steel Body: Most of the best electric kettles come with a sturdy unbreakable stainless steel body that can withstand high temperatures for a long duration of time. It is also a non-toxic material and is perceived as the best for cooking. 

Concealed SS Heating Element: Unlike many electric kettles that come with a heating mound in the middle, the best electric kettles come with a concealed heating element. It allows users to cook easily without any hassle. On the other hand, the concealed heating element also makes the kettle safer to use.  

2-Pin Plug with Long Cord Wire: Generally, electric kettles consume a lot of power and to handle that kind of laid, a heavy three-pin plug is required. However, to make the electric kettle portable and easily useable, you must look for an electric kettle with a two-pin plug which can be plugged into a normal as well as a power socket.

Warranty Cover: If you are looking for the best electric kettles, remember to ask for the warranty cover. In general, most premium brands offer a repair or replacement warranty on manufacturing defects. Go through the warranty terms and conditions and make sure you understand all of them. 

Electric Kettles Prices Specifications and Warranty 

If you are looking to buy an electric kettle, then zunpulse is the place to be. There is a varied collection of different types of electric kettles from ZunVolt listed on the zunpulse website. Given below is a table with the price and warranty period of some of the best electric kettles in India. 

List of Best Electric Kettles in India
Product Name Rated Power Warranty Price
Glass electric kettle 1.8 L2000 W6 months 699/-
Stainless steel electric kettle 2.0 L1500 W6 months 649/- 
Stainless steel electric kettle 1.8 L1500 W6 months599/- 
Stainless steel electric kettle 1.5 L1500 W6 months 524/-
Multi-purpose electric kettle 1.5 L 1500 W6 months 939/-
Multi-purpose electric kettle 1.2 L1500 W6 months 959/-

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