Smart Devices in Real Estate

There was a time when real estate developers used modular kitchens, woodworking, and stunning ceiling designs to attract customers. But that time is long gone. It is now time for the latest technology to take over.

Smart devices are changing the way people live. They are upgrading the future of living. And thus, the face of real estate is also changing. The traditional real estate system is up scaling to a smarter one. With home automation as the latest trend, real estate developers are including smart devices in their projects.

Most popular smart devices for real estate developers

Here is a list of the most popular smart devices that are sought after by many. 

Smart Lights

Lights have been one of the most popular smart devices. With various colour options, intensity control, and pre-set modes, you get a whole new experience of living life. These can be controlled with your mobile phone. zunpulse offers a choice of 16 million colours to sync with every mood.

Smart Bulb Features
Smart Bulb
Smart Plugs

Plugs are the most useful of smart devices. These can be used to convert any appliance smart. Want to get a hot water bath after reaching home from the office? Simply turn on your geyser on the way back home!

Smart Security

With the internet of things technology, security has been painted in a whole new picture. Smart cameras, video doorbells, door locks, door sensors and motion sensors have brought a revolution. You can now keep an eye on your smart home even when you are miles away.

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How can Smart Devices help Real Estate developers?

As cool as they sound, Smart Devices are more useful in Real Estate than in any other sector. From the Real Estate Developer’s point of view, the sale value of the properties increases. Apart from that, the re-selling of a property becomes easier. All this is possible as Smart Spaces offer Real Estate Developers’ customers with these luring services:

  1. Better security even when not at home.
  2. Better and easier monitoring of the kids/pets when not at home.
  3. Huge savings on bills with usage reports’ guidance.
  4. Control of AC/Geyser and other electrical appliances remotely.
  5. Better reselling value as compared to homes with just modular kitchens.

Thanks to all these benefits, Real Estate Developers in India are opting for Smart Devices and getting benefited even during the COVID-19 situation.

Smart Bulb
Smart Downlight
Smart Camera
Smart Security
Smart Doorbell
Smart Door Lock
Smart AC Remote
Smart TV Remote
Smart Energy Monitor
Smart Striplight
Smart Plug

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