Smart Agriculture: Easier, Faster and Efficient Farming

Smart technology is not just limited to your homes. Even agriculture is becoming smart.

Agriculture is the main driving force of a developing country like India. It employs most of the people and has kept India self-sufficient. Our farmers work hard to produce the crops that reach us. Meanwhile, to ease their work, IoT, the Internet of Things, is helping build smart agriculture. Solutions that can increase the efficiency of their day to day tasks related to farming. 

Smart agriculture is promising a faster, easier and more efficient way of farming and maintaining livestock. Here are a few smart solutions out the many:

Crop Monitoring

With the rising population and the rising demand in food, crop monitoring comes as a bane. This IoT solution helps farmers to get the best possible crops every time. For a good produce, it is not just important to focus on the crop, but also on the soil, humidity and temperature. Afterwards, this data is analysed to find the best crop profile that suits the area. Not only this, the process of crop monitoring also helps in discovering the ‘when’ and ‘how much’ of pesticides and fertilizers.

Remote Irrigation

With smart agriculture, farmers have access to the quality of soil, temperature and humidity. This helps them create an ideal condition for the crops to grow. Additionally, farmers can also make use of remote irrigation so that the crops get the right amount of water. In remote irrigation, the irrigation is dependent upon the soil moisture instead of the traditional time-based one.

Geo Fencing

In huge farms where livestock can roam free, it might get difficult to track the animals. It is important to ensure their safety while also keeping in check that they do not stray out of the farm area. Hence, a GPS enabled tracker helps to keep that in check. In case the animal strays out of the designated area, the Geo fencing tracker will raise an alarm.

Green House

With the increasing population, the demand for fruits and vegetables is also increasing. Smart farming helps in setting up the ideal conditions for a particular fruit or vegetable to grow.

Aren’t these smart agriculture solutions really interesting. They are helping our farmers. And in the future, with more and better solutions, IoT can change the face of farming globally. What are your thoughts on this? Share with us in the comments section below.

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