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Do you often sit in front of your wardrobe and stare at it for hours before deciding which shirt to wear? And when you finally find the perfect shirt that suits the pants, you find that it’s crumpled up in some corner of your cupboard. Your meeting is in half an hour, and you have nothing to wear. Relax! Dry Iron is here to save the day.  But before you buy dry iron for your home, read through this buying guide and take note of the points to consider before finalizing the dry iron that you are going to buy.

Don’t let the wrinkles on your clothes come between you and your goals. Buy dry Iron and get crisp and neat garments. You can easily unwrinkle your clothes and appear neat and smart. 

Why Buy Dry Iron?

Dry irons are the most basic ones and are typically inexpensive. They are lightweight and pretty easy to handle. When ironing clothes with a dry iron, you need to press the hot soleplate on the crumpled clothes to unwrinkle them. They don’t contain a water tank like the steam iron, which is generally more heavy and expensive. If you want to buy steam iron, click here to know more about them. 


Dry Iron doesn’t have a steam tank like the steam iron, so they are lightweight and compact. It glides through the most delicate clothes smoothly. This feature makes it very easy to carry and use. It also makes it travel-friendly. You can easily take it with you for vacations or business meetings.  

Easy to Handle

A steam iron has lots of holes for the steam to release. So they require a lot more hassle when it comes to cleaning, as you’ll need to work on each hole in case they get blocked up. They are also easy to maintain and clean. Dry Iron, in comparison, is a breeze to clean and maintain. 

Unwrinkle Any Cloth

You can iron almost all types of fabric with a dry iron. Many delicate materials, such as satin, wool, and silk, can not be ironed using a steam iron. Dry Iron does not leave any marks on the clothes and is generally preferred. 

Materials on which dry Iron can be used are:- 

Wool (cashmere, flannel), Polyester, Embroidery and lace, Nylon, Silk, Acetate, Rayon, Acrylic, Satin

Easy on Your Pocket

Dry Iron is budget-friendly. It is available at an affordable cost, and since it consumes less power, you can save money on your electricity bill. So, buy dry Iron and not only Iron your clothes quickly but save energy.

How To Buy Dry Iron?

Now that you understand what a dry iron is, you need to consider these to choose the best dry iron on the market

1. Check out the design and build:- 

Mostly, Iron is made up of plastic and metal. The upper part of its body is made up of plastic, whereas the soleplate is made of metal. So first, consider the size and design of the Iron and choose one which suits you. There are many choices in colour and size available in the market. 

2. Measure the weight:- 

The weight of the Iron is also very important if you are considering buying dry Iron because you will need to constantly lift and move the Iron for pressing clothes. So, choose one which could be operated by you easily. 

3. Power and wattage demand

These specifications are not uniform for all brands and may differ depending upon the model and type of Iron. Carefully consider the power usage. The high-power iron will heat up fast and help remove creases and wrinkles on clothes with ease. The higher wattage iron can remove stubborn wrinkles from the clothes you use regularly. Still, they are more expensive, so consider your requirement and the price before selecting the model. 

4. Types of soleplates 

Functions of Soleplate:

  • evenly distributes the heat while ironing the clothes
  • when pressed on the clothes removes wrinkles on the clothes
  • Good soleplate should glide smoothly over fabrics.

Soleplate is the part that comes in direct contact with your clothes, so it’s essential to decide which material you choose. The options available are:

Aluminium soleplate:- 

They are quite popular in dry Iron because of their low price. The only disadvantage is that the aluminium soleplate can sometimes become sticky after frequent use. So they might start causing wrinkles on clothes. We have listed some problems with using an Aluminum soleplate. 

  1. Glides with friction
  2. It isn’t easy to clean the Aluminum soleplate.
  3. The Aluminium soleplate gets easily scratched with buttons.
  4. The aluminium soleplate becomes sticky after some time and is not durable.  
  5. The aluminium soleplate can stick to clothes and create wrinkles.

So aluminium soleplate is not a good choice. If you eliminate this soleplate, you still have a few other options.

Non-stick soleplate

Non-stick soleplate consists of Aluminum or metal plate with non-stick coating. The non-stick coating removes the stickiness of Iron and allows you to smoothly glide through your clothes. When you look to buy dry iron, look for a non-stick soleplate, by searching for the “Non-Stick Coated Plate” keywords in the product description. 

Ceramic soleplate

The ceramic coating on an Aluminum or metal plate provides better gliding and improves the ironing experience. It is also very efficient in heat and steam distribution. They can eliminate the chances of static at high heat, although they wear and tear more with time. A titanium coating is excellent for fast ironing and even heat transfer and its ability to resist material particles from sticking to it. The only disadvantage is that titanium soleplates can melt materials at extremely high heat.

Stainless steel 

The stainless steel sole plates have a long life and are durable. They are also scratch and corrosion-resistant.  

Which shape to choose?

Many soleplate shapes and designs differ from utility to potential gimmicky, but then it all depends on your preference. 

  • Traditional:- They are tapered at the top and more helpful while ironing seams, cuffs and between the holes. They are squared off with slight round edges. 
  • Multi-directional:- They appear like a couple of pieces fused together. It is easy to iron in all directions and get into small details with this iron, You don’t even need to change the ironing position. 

5. Temperature controls

Temperature control is an important feature of a dry iron. You would often need to change the temperature depending upon the material of clothes, you cannot iron silk and wool at the same temperature. So ensure that the setting dial is just below the handle and is easily reachable while ironing the clothes. Also, check that all other settings are easily noticeable and changeable

6. Convenience 

Ironing the clothes is a task you often have to do yourself and sometimes in a hurry, so it is necessary that the iron you choose is convenient to handle. Make sure there is no restricted movement and the cord is long enough. Also, ensure that the size and weight of iron are as per your convenience. 

7. Safety 

Safety is always the topmost priority while buying any new appliance, especially if it is something you will have to use regularly. You can burn your hand or your clothes with the dry iron if it doesn’t have necessary features like temperature control and Auto-Cutoff (Auto-Cutoff means that when the Iron is heated to enough temperature the Iron will automatically switch off. It is a common feature and is managed using a thermostat). 

8. Durability 

Ensure that the products you buy are durable and will be with you for the long run. Buy the non-stick iron as they face less wear and tear with time and are mostly recommended.

9. Warranty

The warranty the brand offers is also important. In case your product is defective or faces any glitch, you can request a replacement. So pay attention to the warranty offered, It is usually between 1-2 years. 

10. Star Rating

The star rating is also important to consider before buying any home appliance. So star rating and watt rating are both important criteria to consider before making a decision to buy a dry iron. 

12. Additional Features 

Besides the above-listed features, you also need to check and assess a few miscellaneous features which add to the convenience of using a dry iron. 

Cord length

Cord length is an additional feature you can look for while making the decision to buy dry iron. The length is generally measured in meters. You often would have noticed that the plugs are not available in suitable places and with a small cord it becomes quite inconvenient to iron the clothes. With a long cord, even if the plug is placed far away from the table or bed, you can conveniently iron your clothes. 

Swirl cord

If you were using an old iron, you might be aware of the hassle of using dry iron with an iron cord. It keeps getting in your way and moves when you move the iron. So buy dry iron with a 360-degree cord swivel mechanism. This allows you to move in any direction while not worrying about the cord as it stays in one place.  

Why buy dry Iron from zunpulse 

After deciding to buy dry Iron, the next decision you will face is which brand to choose. We advise you to consider zunpulse dry Iron. With its ergonomic design, it provides incredible performance. 

The Iron comes with Teflon Coated Soleplate and a 1.5-meter cord length. ZunVolt Dry Iron glides over your most delicate clothes smoothly, for this hassle-free dry Iron comes with a non-stick coated soleplate. 

The dry Iron provides many exciting features like Temperature Control, Silver Point Thermostat for Cut Out and Shockproof handles. So you can iron your clothes without any hassle. It comes with a 360-degree swivel cord which ensures easy and smooth turns even at any intricate angle.

It has three core wire alloys and provides a 12-month warranty with the product. It is available at a very affordable price in all parts of India. Visit the zunpulse website to know more about zunpulse dry iron and their other home appliance products. 


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