Latest smart devices for the kitchen to make cooking easy, consistent and fast

Smart devices are making every corner of our home smart. Our living rooms, our studios, our workstations are all smart. In fact, new and exciting smart devices are now entering our kitchen with a promise to automate every aspect of our cooking.

Smart devices for your smart kitchen

Innovative thinking has led to innovative smart devices that are helping us in faster and more efficient cooking.

Let us explore a few smart devices that are set to innovate the future of cooking.

smart kitchen

Smart Plug

Adding a smart plug to your kitchen appliances can prove to be quite beneficial. You can schedule your coffee machine to start at designated time. Also, you can start the kettle to prepare a warm glass of water while you finish your workout. There are many possibilities. You can also turn your kitchen appliances on and off even when you are not in the kitchen. This can be done with a simple touch on your smartphone.

zunpulse smart plug
smart plug

Cooking Thermometer

A cooking thermometer raises an alarm whenever your dish has reached the required temperature. You can even save cooking presets for your favourite or most common recipes. 

Smart Fridge that is also your Food Planner

Don’t just use your fridge as a food storage place when it can be used for so much more. You can set expiration notifications for food so that it never goes bad. You can also easily plan what to cook for dinner with what is available. Apart from food management, a smart fridge lets you manage the other smart devices at your home.

Kitchen Scale

Some recipes require precision. For this, a kitchen scale comes in handy. Simply weigh the amount of ingredients and get the precise measurements. No need to use spoons and cups for measurement anymore.

There are many more interesting kitchen smart devices that are being built. Are you planning to involve one of these smart devices to your home’s cooking area? Share with us in the comments below.

Smart Bulb
Smart Downlight
Smart Camera
Smart Security
Smart Doorbell
Smart Door Lock
Smart AC Remote
Smart TV Remote
Smart Energy Monitor
Smart Striplight
Smart Plug

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