Smart Plug For Washing Machine: The Unknown Benefits

The weekends are booked for laundry in most Indian homes and no matter how much you “don’t like” it, you have to do it. But there is a way to make it easier, smarter, and simpler. Ever heard of a “smart plug”? Well, if not, then you must know that smart plugs are the handiest of all smart devices as they can transform your ordinary appliances into smart ones. You can read everything about them in our guide to smart plugs. If you have heard of it, well then here you are going to find out how using a smart plug for a washing machine can mellow your laundry day tantrums. 

It definitely is irritating to wake up on a weekend knowing that you have to start your day with a big load of dirty laundry. Besides, while running all day long the washing machine uses a lot of electricity as well. Electricity is not the only energy that is drained by the washing machine, it drains you to constantly run to switch it off and on and off again. A smart plug for the washing machine is the best way to own your weekend without having to dread the thought of laundry.  

Can Smart Plug be Used For Washing Machine? 

Before going into the advantages of using a smart plug for a washing machine, let us first answer the more obvious question that has brought you here. Yes, it is absolutely OK to use a smart plug with your washing machine. However, always make sure that the power ratings of your washer and dryer are compatible with those of your smart plug. Generally, the smart plugs available in the market work well with appliances that use 120V but washing machines work at 240V. So when buying a smart plug for a washing machine, you need to check whether the smart plug is compatible with a washing machine or not. 

Benefits of Using Smart Plug With Washing Machines

The benefits of using a smart plug are countless and almost impossible to list at once. Thus we decided to address the benefits of using a smart plug with common household appliances one by one. In this article, we are talking about the benefits of the smart plug when used with a washing machine. 

Schedule Your Laundry

You read that right. With the scheduling feature in smart plugs, you can just feed the laundry to your washing machine at night and sleep peacefully. The machine will turn on at the scheduled time in the morning and will start functioning automatically. Not just this, you can also schedule power off depending upon the time that you think it will take for the washer to clean the clothes. This way, at least you can get the full sleep that you deserve on weekends. 

Save Vampire Draw

A washing machine is one of those appliances which keeps drawing power even when standing idly by. By using a smart plug you can switch off the power supply completely. This will lead to valuable savings on your electricity bills. 

Voice and App Control

The washer buzzer seems more like the gunshot that sets off a race. How often have you tripped or almost fallen down during that hurdle race at home? Only someone with experience can address this issue and understand the pain of a sudden fall. By using voice controls you can simply tell the smart plug to turn off. If you do not have a smart home assistant, even then you can still turn off the smart plug from the zunpulse app on your phone.  

Monitor Energy Usage

Energy monitoring is a rare feature in smart plugs and the zunpulse smart plug pro is one of those rare smart plugs which offer an energy monitoring feature. If the energy usage is more than usual, you will know that the time to replace the washing machine is near. 

So to sum it up, you can use a smart plug with the washing machine. It makes your life easier as well as helps you save on extra electricity used up when the machine is on standby. Besides, it keeps you informed on the efficiency of the washing machine. If you are looking to buy a smart plug for your washing machine then you must check out the smart plugs by zunpulse.

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