Smart Plug for TV: What You Must Know

Smart plugs are the most revolutionary piece of IoT technology and they are used to transform regular devices into smarter devices. Smart plugs can be used with almost all devices and they work best with small appliances like an electric kettle or a coffee maker. However, they can be used with other heavy-duty appliances too when chosen wisely. In this article, we are going to discuss the use of a smart plug for TV. While there are certain advantages to using a smart plug for TV, it has its own limitations. 

If you are not familiar with a smart plug, its uses, and its working, check out our guide to smart plugs. 

Can I Use a Smart Plug For TV?

Let’s start with the obvious question, this is why you are here right? Yes, smart plugs can be used for TV. Although that said, you need to make sure that your TV’s power consumption should not be more than the maximum load that a smart plug can handle. Besides, you must also remember to not turn off the switch of your TV for the smart plug to work. If the main switch is off and there is no power in the socket, then the smart plug will not work since it will itself be turned off by the switch. 

Here is how you can use your smart plug with a TV: 

Plug the smart plug into a power source.

Download the zunpulse app and install the smart plug.  

Now insert the TV’s adapter or power plug into the smart plug. 

You are all ready to use the smart plug for TV. if you want to use the smart plug with other devices, follow the same procedure. Now let’s discuss the advantages of using a smart plug for TV. 

Benefits of Using Smart Plug With TV

To be honest, using a smart plug for TV does not have too many benefits but it has often been emphasized that quality is better than quantity. Sure you can count these benefits on your pinky but they have a high impact on your and your kids’ life. 

Prevent Vampire Energy Consumption 

Vampire energy consumption is a term used for the energy drainage caused by various devices that consume a small amount of electricity even when turned off. Many home appliances like a TV, washing machine, or geyser keep using a very small amount of energy until the power supply is completely cut off. While sometimes it is out of habit that you don’t switch off the main switch, other times it is a result of poor interior design when a switch is placed beyond physical reach. In both these conditions, using a smart plug gives you complete control of the power supply. This problem is often seen in TV as these are mounted on a TV unit which hides the switch more often than not. By using a smart plug you can completely cut off the power supply and prevent vampire energy conservation. 

Schedule Screen Time for Kids

With advancing technology, screens have become available in various sizes. From online classes to video games, kids are spending a lot of time in front of screens. This obviously is harmful to their overall development. Using a smart plug for TV is the best way to control the amount of screen time that your kids get. You can set a schedule for power on and off as per your wish. This allows for relatively more control over the kids’ screen time and therefore their mental and optical health.  

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