Smart Door Locks in India: Frequently Asked Questions

As times move forward, everything and everyone is evolving. With evolving crimes, you need smart security that will protect your home even in your absence. Smart door locks are one of the key components of a smart security system. Zunpulse is one of the leading brands that provide smart door locks in India and we have come up with the answers to the most commonly asked questions about smart door locks. 

Are Smart Door Locks Worth It?

Whether you go out on a daily basis for work or rarely for a vacation, you leave your home alone. While it is OK to leave your home with a regular door lock, a smart decision would be to upgrade your home security. There are many amazing features of a smart door lock that make it worth spending your hard-earned money. Here are the key features that make smart door locks worth buying. 

Access Sharing: A smart door lock is remotely accessible through your proprietor app. You can either share the access code or unlock your home remotely in case they forgot the keys or show up out of the blue.  

Live Updates: Most smart door locks in India are equipped with a sensor that will transmit a signal anytime someone forcefully enters your home. This feature allows you to take charge of the situation and inform the concerned authorities and the neighbors about the mishap.  

Better Security: Any locksmith can pop open that old hanging lock of yours. Fortunately, that is not the case with smart door locks. They are either password protected or accessible through an application on your phone thus putting you in total charge of your home security. 

How Does a Smart Door Lock Work?

There are various protocols implemented for the working of a smart door lock. Smart door locks commonly used in India are based on one of the three protocols that are Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and Wi-Fi. The most preferred out of these three is the Wi-Fi protocol which provides remote access via the use of the internet. 

A Wi-Fi door lock connects to your home Wi-Fi network and gets access to the internet. Once you have added the Wi-Fi door lock in your proprietor app, your smart lock will be able to receive signals through the internet and respond accordingly. 

Are Smart Locks Safe?

Smart door locks are way ahead in the matter of safety and security when compared to regular door locks. The regular door locks need just a few tools and an hour or so of dedication to break open. That holds true for the smart door lock as well, but it will always alert you on your phone about the break-in. Some smart door locks in India come with an alarm system that goes off on forced entry and alerts you as well as your neighbors. So, altogether, it can be said that smart door locks are much safer than regular door locks. 

Can a Smart Lock be Hacked?

The short and quick answer to that question is, yes. Although that said, you can make it really tough for the hacker. Here is what you can do to make your smart locks unhackable:  

  • Use strong passwords that are 16-20 characters long.
  • Use AES encryption. 
  • Change your password as frequently as possible.
  • Use a surveillance system in tandem with smart door locks as a backup. 

What is the Price of Smart Door Locks in India?

The future seems grim for those trying to live their life off of thefts and robbery as the prices of smart door locks in India are becoming affordable day by day. Not half a decade ago, high-end security systems were depicted as futuristic and extremely expensive in Bollywood movies. Thanks to advancements in IoT and Indian brands like zunpulse, even a common man can easily afford a smart door lock. Smart door locks in India range from ₹6000 to ₹12,000. The zunpulse smart door lock is available at ₹6,999.   

Do You Need Wi-Fi For a Smart Door Lock?

Not necessarily. Wi-Fi is required for smart door locks that use Wi-Fi. There are different types of smart door locks available in India that work on Bluetooth and Z-Wave too. Besides, there are keypad and Key Fob door locks that do not need Wi-Fi. 

Can a Smart Door Locks be Opened With a Key? 

Most smart door locks do not open with a key and can only be unlocked using a password or an app on your smartphone. However, there are a few smart locks that also provide a key to open your door lock as a backup option. Technology makes life really easy but sometimes, technology flutters and fails. You don’t want that happening at the end of a long working day when all you want is to Netflix and chill in your home. It is therefore recommended to prefer smart door locks that provide you with a physical key for backup. 

Feel free to share any further doubts that you have in the comments section. For more info on smart door locks, check out our blog. Visit the smart door lock by zunpulse to learn more about its features, specifications, and cost. If you still have any doubts regarding smart door locks, check out our guide to smart door locks.

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