Making Smart Decisions: Restaurants Are Going Contactless

COVID-19 has left the economy handicapped. It has, in a way, also shown us the reality of viruses and how this might not be the only time we face a pandemic. But in this testing time, our favourite restaurants have bootstrapped and become smart to serve us.

Restaurants have become smart and adapted to provide good quality food despite COVID-19. It has been hard to resist our favourite tempting dishes from our favourite restaurants during the lockdown. How many times did you try to make the perfect pasta, pizza, noodles, french fries, donuts, kaju katlis and more? How many times were you able to get the same mouth watering result as your favourite restaurant without taking extreme amounts of time?

Smart Restaurants

Not all of us are professional cooks. And the rest of us too need a break from the routine meals. So, our restaurants are trying everything, leaving no stone unturned to assure us of the quality. For this, many restaurants are turning into smart restaurants. Such restaurants have installed smart devices that are based on IoT technology and are WiFi enabled. Thanks to the WiFi connection, these smart devices can be controlled from anywhere in the world with a simple touch on your phone!

Here is how the post-COVID restaurants are different from the old ones.

Smart Camera

With the help of a smart camera, restaurants can share access to their customers as and when required. So, they share the access when their order is being prepared. This assures the customers about the quality of their food and increases their confidence. This is not only applicable for dine-in customers, but also for the customers who have ordered a delivery.

zunpulse smart camera
Smart Camera

Smart Energy Monitor

It is not the most profitable time for restaurants, and a smart energy monitor helps them maximise their savings. A smart energy monitor gives the real-time data of energy usage. This device helps one discover the opportunities where they can save money. While this is true for restaurants, it is also true for households.

Contactless Processes

Smart devices are making most of the processes contactless. All thanks to its WiFi enabled feature. You can control lights, AC, TV, and switches with your phone. So there is never a need to touch switches that have a million fingerprints on them.

Restaurants are getting smart. They are getting intelligent. And they are getting safer.

Smart Bulb
Smart Downlight
Smart Camera
Smart Security
Smart Doorbell
Smart Door Lock
Smart AC Remote
Smart TV Remote
Smart Energy Monitor
Smart Striplight
Smart Plug

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