Smart Light can improve the mental health at your workplace

For anyone who has recently heard about smart homes and wants the same for their property, smart lights are the most common entry point. In fact, some people who own smart lights do not even know there is a whole range of smart devices.

Smart lights are not just meant for home, but also for a workplace. They give you a million colour choices at home. One might wonder what value would a smart light add at a workplace. Well, many colours, party mode, and music mode are not the only highlights of a smart light. 

Did you know that lightning can actually affect mental health at a workplace? And did you know that smart lights can bring about a positive change? Let’s find out more about this.

How do Smart Lights improve mental health at workplaces 

It is a competitive world. And the competition is growing day by day. Due to this, a lot is expected out of employees. To keep them working and motivated, it becomes important to be concerned about their health. And not just physical health, but also their mental health. After all, most of the work nature nowadays involves the mind more than the body, don’t you agree? 

So how can smart lights bring about a change at the workplace?

Smart Bulb Features
Smart Bulb

City University, London conducted a study that talks about the relation between Lights, Well-being and performance at work. This study revealed that good lighting is one of the crucial factors that help in creating healthy work environments. This in turn enhances productivity and well-being.

Lights Affect Mood

Recently, the term circadian rhythm gained popularity. This means the internal body clock. With the advent of the term, it also became widely known that our sleep patterns are influenced by the sun. We are less productive when the sun sets, and there is less light. And we are more productive during the day.

Smart Downlight features
Smart Downlight

Light affects our mood and our mind. And so do poor lights. Poor lights negatively affect mood, energy levels and thus, productivity. Low flickering lights can even cause headaches. Investing in good lighting might seem like an unnecessary expenditure to some employers. But it is of the utmost importance to enhance productivity at a workplace.

Smart Lights can change the workplace as they have the brightness control feature. This feature allows one to adjust the brightness that best suits the eye at the given time of the day. LED lights can save you as much as 50% on your current bills. And smart lights can save you even more. Not only that, they are easy to install and easy to control.

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