Smart Plug Installation Made Simple: Step By Step Guide

As your daily use appliances get smart, you need to update yourself too and be in the know-how of using the smart devices around you. One of the most common smart devices is the smart plug. The biggest search query related to a smart plug is “smart plug installation”. The fact that you reached this article suggests that probably you too have been looking to find an article to help you with smart plug installation and understand how to connect your smart plug with Alexa. 

Congratulations! You found the article that you need. This is a quick and simple step-by-step guide to smart plug installation and along with it, you can also find out the easy process of connecting your smart devices with Alexa as well. 

How to Install a Smart Plug?

Smart plug installation is a simple and really easy process. These are the simplest yet most versatile smart devices for home automation that are ready to ‘plug n play’. In this article, you will discover the complete process of installing the smart plug by zunpulse. For those of you who don’t have a zunpulse smart plug, don’t worry. Smart plug installation involves similar steps across various brands. 

Step1: Download the zunpulse App

With every zunpulse smart product, you will find a QR code on the packaging. Scan this code from your smartphone and you will be guided to the zunpulse app on the Playstore or the App Store. If you cannot scan the QR code, try searching for ‘zunpulse’ in the Playstore/App Store, and then once you’ve found the right app (by ZunRoof Tech Pvt. Ltd.) click on install to get the app on your phone. If you are installing a smart plug from a different brand, search for its respective app and install that on your phone.

Step 2: Logging in

After downloading and installing the zunpulse app, log into it using your phone number. Your phone number will be verified through an OTP to make sure that it is really you who is logging in. 

Step 3: Registration
Once you have logged into the app you will have to fill in the details and follow the instructions mentioned n the app to complete your registration. 

Step 4: Reset Your Smart Plug

Now, after logging in and registering on the app, you will have to reset your smart plug. To do so, plug your smart plug into a working wall socket and press the power button for 5 sec (the duration of pressing the power button may be different for other brands). You will notice that your zunpulse smart plug power button starts blinking. In other brands, there could be an LED light that does the same. 

Step 5: Adding the Device  

The blinking light on your smart plug is the indication that it is looking to pair up with the wi-fi network. To do that, you will first have to add the smart plug to your devices in the zunpulse app. Click on the devices section in the zunpulse app and select “smart plug” from the options and click “Next”.

Step 6: Connecting Wi-Fi

As soon as you click next, your app will ask you to connect to the Wi-Fi network of your home. Input the details as asked and make sure that your phone is also connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
NOTE: Smart devices need a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network and a decent internet connection to work properly. It is also advised to use a power backup for your Wi-Fi router to always keep your smart devices connected. 

Step 7: Naming the device

As soon as your smart plug connects with the Wi-Fi, it will stop blinking and it means that you are almost done. The only thing remaining is to name the device. You will be asked by the app to name your device to remember which appliance is it being used for in case you have more than one smart plug. 

That is it! Your smart plug installation is complete. Hope this guide helped you set up your smart plug. Now, if you want, you can also connect it to Alexa or Google Home so that you control it via voice command. Check out our guide to smart plugs for detailed knowledge of smart plugs. If you are looking to buy a smart plug then checkout the smart plugs by zunpulse. If you have any other questions about smart plugs you must check out our blog.

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