Smart Light Bulbs at the Best Price in Delhi.

You will get smart light bulbs at the best prices in Delhi by our Gurgaon-based startup, zunpulse, offering smart gadgets at the best possible prices. You can purchase the smart lightbulbs online at the best prices from the zunpulse official website.

Smart light bulbs 10W starts at a nominal price of INR Rs. 990. The average price of any other smart light bulb in the market is about INR RS.1500. All the competitors are offering their smart light bulbs at a price that is higher than this. They also provide strip lights and downlights which are also Wi-Fi-enabled allowing you to control them entirely from your smartphone, be it turning them on or off, dimming or brightening them, or changing their mode of lighting. You can also turn your lights on when you are far away, just by a single click on your smartphone. This would help you to make your home feel all the same, even if you are far away. You can have a look at the zunpulse smart lighting system range and buy smart light bulbs and smart striplights online.

They have global remote access which means you can control it from anywhere and everywhere. You just need to have an active internet connection on your smartphone and your house should be Wi-Fi enabled. You can purchase the zunpulse smart lights online at the best prices.

 Besides providing the products at the most affordable prices, it also offers the most awesome features. For instance, the smart bulbs have a color range of 16 million different colors, to create an ambiance according to your mood. It has different modes to fit your mood, and you can also dim or brighten the smart light bulb at your convenience. You can control all this remotely through your smartphone, given you have an active internet connection in your smartphone, and your house is Wi-Fi enabled. You can also use smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to control the smart bulb.

You can check out the zunpulse lighting range and make purchases online very easily. The entire process would be very seamless and hassle-free. You will get your delivery package right on your doorstep and you will save the trouble of roaming around in the market looking for the best-suited product for you. Since it has preset modes, it will solve multiple purposes and not just one which makes this a witty investment.

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Smart Downlight
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