Best Smart Light Bulb for an Indian Household

There are a million reasons for you to choose a smart light bulb over a traditional CFL just as there are millions of color options that a smart lightbulb has in store for you. Smart lights have now become the need of the hour especially because of the power inefficiency of the traditional CFL bulbs. Not only this but also other added benefits it comes along with. With the millions of colors that a smart light has got to offer, the different modes of lighting, the Wi-fi enablement, the voice assistant control, and the plethora of other features that it has to offer, you might often think that it would come with a high price tag, that in this case being its energy efficiency. But that is clearly not the case here. 

With the smart light bulbs that zunpulse has got for you, you have control over their brightness, which also means you can control the energy being consumed by the bulb at a given point in time. , the smart bulbs have a color range of 16 million different colors, to create an ambiance according to your mood. It has different modes to fit your mood, and you can also dim or brighten the smart light bulb at your convenience. You can control all this remotely through your smartphone, given you have an active internet connection in your smartphone, and your house is Wi-Fi enabled. You can also use smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to control the smart bulb.

You can buy the smart lights from zunpulse online easily at the best prices. You can check the smart lighting range from zunpulse by clicking here

Its lighting range consists of the smart bulb which would replace the traditional CFL, The smart strip light that you can hang at the walls of your halls, the smart downlight that you can hang on your ceiling. The smart downlight also helps with your late-night reading. All of them have global remote access which means you can have access to them from anywhere and everywhere. You just have to have an active internet connection on your phone and your house should be Wi-Fi enabled. You don’t have to climb out of your bed every time you want to turn off the lights. You can stay in the blanket and choose to do so through the zunpulse app on your smartphone.

Smart Bulb
Smart Downlight
Smart Camera
Smart Security
Smart Doorbell
Smart Door Lock
Smart AC Remote
Smart TV Remote
Smart Energy Monitor
Smart Striplight
Smart Plug

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