Smart Door Locks: Key Functions and Features

Smart door locks serve a lot of functions be it acting as a security camera or serving the purpose of the conventional door lock. Following are some of the most important features of a smart door lock:

  • Compatible with other smart devices- Smart door locks work best with smart cameras and smart doorbells. You can virtually answer your door and talk to your visitors from your office space without the hassle of rushing back home to open the door for your loved ones. With these smart devices you can create a very convenient and secure system for your apartment that is accessible from anywhere on the globe. 
  • Control your front door regardless of where you are-With a smart lock, your cell phone serves as your key. There’s no compelling reason to rush home to meet your visitors or a conveyance driver to the door; basically sign onto your application and open your front door from any place you are.
  • Applications over keys-If you’ve at any point remained at your front door while burrowing through your pack to observe your keys, you’ll see the value in the keyless usefulness that allows you to open your entryway with a basic code—no key required.
  • No more multiple-keys. Smart locks dispense with the requirement for making duplicates of your key for everybody. This is additionally a lot more secure than having different duplicates of your home key drifting around, shielding your home from possible thefts.
  • Real-Time status-Notices assist you with making sure to secure If you’ve at any point gone out eager to come to work or drop off your children on schedule, you know the stressed inclination that accompanies puzzling over whether or not you made sure to lock your door on the way out. You can check the situation with your door lock through your smartphone.
  • Global remote access- You can control your door even when you are out and about. The zunpulse smart door lock can be easily monitored and controlled from anywhere globally.
  • Wi-Fi enabled: The zunpulse smart door lock is Wi-Fi enabled which means that you can control it from anywhere given that you have an active internet connection on your smartphone and there is Wi-Fi at your home. You will receive all the notifications on your smartphone and you can control everything from your smartphone itself.
  • Peace of mind- Having a smart door lock can give you the peace of mind that your loved ones are safe even when your are not around.

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