Smart Security Camera: Pros and Cons

A smart security camera is a camera that is used to keep a check on the whereabouts of your home even if you are out and about running errands. A smart security camera runs along similar lines with a CCTV camera but has a ton of added benefits. It provides dual communication which means you can connect to the person in front of your camera just through your smartphone. It can help you in a lot of instances such as guarding your home against burglars and keeping an eye on your kids when they are home alone. A smart security camera has global remote access which means you can keep monitoring your home even when you are out and about. You just need to have an active internet connection and your home should be Wi-Fi enabled.

The home security system that zunpulse provides has a variety of products, ranging from smart doorbells and smart door locks to sensors. Smart security cameras are the most vital part of the system; they act like the eyes and ears of a home alarm system by monitoring break in points and interior areas. You can buy the smart security camera online very easily and at a very nominal price. You can buy a smart camera online from zunpulse at the very best prices in the market.

One of the most important features of this smart camera is that it is weather resistant. Most of the smart cameras online that you find in the market today aren’t weather resistant, meaning that they won’t function properly in case there is a storm or continuous rain. This camera is weather resistant so that you can keep an eye on your home if it is installed outside. It will actually come to rescue you on a “rainy day” quite literally. 

The advantages of a smart security camera very clearly outweigh its disadvantages. One of the most highlighted disadvantages comes with smart cameras that have cloud memory. It is very likely that your privacy can be compromised with the cameras that have cloud memories. The ones that have inbuilt memory are not exposed to this risk. You can rest assure that your data won’t be compromised and it will remain local. In case your data is compromised, the burglars can also take unfair advantage of your smart camera as they can hack into your system and have access to your personal data and draw unfair advantage of it, but this won’t be the case if you have a smart camera with am inbuilt memory.

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